LicenseWatch is one of the leading solutions in the IT Asset Management (ITAM) industry, and will secure full legal software/hardware compliance on any level within your organization

LicenseWatch SAM Solution

The LicenseWatch SAM solution is the world leading software solution that helps organizations to save on their software license costs and to minimize compliance risks. It is extremely easy to use and quick to implement, providing fast Return on Investment (ROI) while the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is attractive for all sizes of organizations. Smaller organizations can take advantage of the easy to use user interface, while enterprise class organizations can manage their software using the advanced features.

The LicenseWatch SAM solution identifies what software is installed on your network and automatically reconciles software licenses and agreements against it. The build-in knowledge on the licensing programs of the major vendors helps organizations to optimize the returns on the software investments made.


With the LicenseWatch solution you know what software is being used and what software can be removed. Licenses can be reharvested, saving the costs of buying unnecessary new licenses or prevent costs of renewing maintenance on unused licenses. Furthermore, the advanced license program knowledge inside the tool helps organizations optimizing their licensing agreements.

Installing software on computers in many organizations by users can expose those organizations to compliance risks. Apart from the financial implications on incompliance like unbudgeted license costs and fines, an organization is also faced with lost productivity and image damage because of bad press. LicenseWatch makes it possible to prevent installation of unwanted (black-listed) software and gives real-time information on what software is installed where and how it is actually used.

Knowing what software is installed and how it used help organizations to make better decisions on the complete lifecycle of software products. This results in more accurate IT budgets and a better alignment of IT with the organization’s business.


Monitor software usages to determine unused licenses for later use or un-installation. Build in software pricing for automatically calculating the potential software savings within your organization.

Build in License Intelligence for automatic up and downgrade between software versions and editions. Don’t spend unnecessary time on what version are allowed to use under this agreement.

Define roles for users to secure proper access rights for global or local administrators.
LicenseWatch Software Recognition Team identifies and tag all inventoried software from the customer’s environment. Save time on identifying software without unnecessary administration and receive daily updates. Automatically synchronized between the customer and LicenseWatch on a daily basis to ensure information is always up to date.

Full integration with Altiris, Microsoft SCCM, Matrix 42 and other discovery tool out of the box. Enrich your existing discovery solution with License Intelligence and establish accurate and reliable proofs of license entitlement.

Integrations with virtualization solutions like VMware, Microsoft and Citrix make sure licenses can be controlled in these virtual device and application environments. LicenseWatch is the leading solution for license management in these environments, especially data centers.

With the possibilities for customers to manage multiple license pools in LicenseWatch, controlling its licenses becomes much easier. Pools can for instance be created for certain applications, certain groups of users or computers or just general pools for the whole organization.

With the possibilities for customers to manage multiple license pools in LicenseWatch, controlling its licenses becomes much easier. Pools can for instance be created for certain applications, certain groups of users or computers or just general pools for the whole organization.


Real time calculation of compliance and automatically up/downgrade between versions and editions. Reconciliation between installations, licenses and software usages to accomplishes (OLP – Optimal License Position).

By knowing who is actually using the software they have access to, organizations can reduce its software spends by removing unnecessary software installations or unnecessary access from users. LicenseWatch provides customers with a complete overview of who is using what software on what computer.

With LicenseWatch customers can register software licenses and ownership to users, computers, departments, parts of their organization or the whole organization. This makes it easy to track who owns the software and can also be used to implement Cost Place Billing for software.

Manage all your contracts and agreements centrally. Assign ownership, location and cost center to any agreement and build your own agreements and add custom fields to follow internal processes. Define relationships between agreements to ensure the complete overview from master agreements to the underlying agreements. Allocate hardware and software to trace what have been purchased on any type of agreement. Attach scanned copies of an agreement and have a centralized storage. Assign agreements to defined users or user roles and align with internal policies. Store Information about License keys including License documents and agreements scanned from originals.

Access and rights can be finely defined in LicenseWatch allowing to assign agreements to certain users to manage their own agreements without having access to the rest of the agreements or licenses of the organization.

Never miss a birthday of your agreements through the use of alerts from LicenseWatch well in time. More than 60 alarms have been defined to help customers manage their software assets proactively. Data is extremely easy to get out of LicenseWatch for further usage in the organization. All predefined reports are ready to run and quickly to export to PDF or Excel format. The Report Wizard assists in creating your own reports.

Licensing for Clusters can become confusing when not managed properly. LicenseWatch fully supports licensing for the clusters in your data center. Stand-by servers and fail-over computers can automatically be factored in into the compliance calculations.