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Download your free copy of LicenseWatch with up to 40 computers

Want to see what LicenseWatch can do for your organization? Register for a free trial where we will run a LicenseWatch server in our datacenter, populate it with some demo data and the possibility for you to connect up to 40 computers to do inventory on.

Try to see if LicenseWatch will recognize over 90% of all your software or the Build in software cost for over 300,000 titles show possible savings quickly.

How to navigate the management console

We will send you an e-mail providing username and password for accessing your own personalized copy of LicenseWatch. Your data are for your eyes only and will not be handed over to any third party.

The sample data we provide for you, will give you an idea of how easy LicenseWatch is to use, and with how little effort you will be able to deliver up-to-the-minute reporting. You have direct access to all features of the management console as well as the LicenseWatch agent for a 30 days period.

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