Get the most out of your LicenseWatch installation by complementing it with the Professional Services from the source.

The LicenseWatch service portfolio is designed to help customers to get the most out of their Software Asset Manager or to help our customers when under review / audit by software vendors or organizations like the BSA. We offer training courses, consulting services and ad-hoc services.

Training Courses

LicenseWatch offers two unique, one day, hands-on training courses that are delivered as a public training and as an on-site training course.

One training course is targeted towards administrators focusing on the technical details of the LicenseWatch system.

The other training course is targeted towards license managers focused on how to use LicenseWatch to effectively register and manage software licenses and contracts.

Consulting Services

The LicenseWatch Consulting Services are designed to provide customers with the best value out of the LicenseWatch system.

The services are delivered by fully trained and skilled LicenseWatch consultants and can be delivered on-site or as a remote service. Services delivered include implementation services, health check and troubleshooting as well as upgrade services.

Ad-hoc services

When customers are not ready yet to implement a full Software Asset Management solution but still need an application inventory report or software usage report, LicenseWatch also offers ad-hoc services.

We offer both rental options as well as complete reporting service for inventory and application usage. The Inventory Baseline service provides the customer with a complete overview of all applications installed on the network, while the SAM Readiness provides the customer with a comprehensive overview of what applications are being used by what user on what computer.