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LicenseWatch is one of the leading solutions in the IT Asset Management (ITAM) industry, and will secure full legal
software/hardware compliance on any level within your organization

LicenseWatch SPE


Organizations today increasingly seek to maximize their returns on software vestments they make. With software constituting 25% of the organization´s total IT budget not being the exception, the total cost of software is substantial. And possible savings to be made by eliminating any unused or unnecessary software can quickly add up to 5 to 20% of the software cost. Then there is the incompliance risk many organizations are exposed to. With ever increasing complexity of all the different licensing programs from software vendors, organizations turn to third parties to help them to establish optimal purchasing strategies, respond to software audits or even completely outsource their software and license management.

With the LicenseWatch Service Provider Edition traditional Service Providers can start offering software and license management services right away to their customers. It is a comprehensive, easy to use and automated platform to centrally manage software assets from multiple customers.


With the LicenseWatch Service Provider Edition you will get the following benefits:

  • Comprehensive platform to deliver SAM and License Management Services
  • One central platform to manage the software for all customers
  • New annuity based revenue stream your customer will buy
  • Additional key differentiator when bidding for new business
  • Help your customers avoid unnecessary cost and reduce support costs
  • Help your customer understand compliance risks

Examples of Services delivered:

  • Baseline scan service
  • Software Vendor Audit Support
  • Complete License Management BPO
  • Add Hoc Inventory and License Advisory
  • Inventory Baseline before Audit/Review

Why LicenseWatch?

LicenseWatch Service Provider Edition is the only solution on the market which combines the power of a complete platform to host SAM and License Management services for multiple customers with the ease of use and quick implementation. In addition to an attractive price, the LicenceWatch Service Provider Edition makes it possible for service providers to quickly and efficiently deliver high margin services to their customers.

Deliverables / Process

Service providers have the option to install the LicenseWatch Service Provider Edition in their own data center or have it hosted in the LicenseWatch Cloud Environment. Adding customers to the platform is a fully automated and easy process. This eliminates the need of a complex implementation services and ensures profitable projects. The pay-as-you-go pricing model supplies service providers with a flexible growth scenario while simultaneously minimizing upfront investments. And getting started with the Service Provider Edition is easy: the LicenseWatch implementation team delivers a turnkey solution. Hands-on practical training brings license managers and administrators up to speed in just one day and the ongoing Software Recognition Service provides the service provider with the capability of recognizing all commercial software at all times.

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