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LicenseWatch 2013 R1 released

Every release of a software vendor's product is always the biggest release ever. In this case it really is! LicenseWatch 2013 R1 is fully packed with new features and functionality plus we have made some major improvements.

Here is an overview of the most important things.

Select software that is not yet installed

Separation Inventory and Entitlement

Inventory and License Entitlement is now completely separated in LicenseWatch 2013 R1. This means that licenses can be purchased and entered into the LicenseWatch solution without the software is installed. When software installations pop up later, it can automatically be assigned.

Easily jump to often used pages

Quick Jumps & Views

The new quick jumps and views in LicenseWatch 2013 R1 speeds up navigation dramatically. Often used pages in LicenseWatch can be stored in a quick jump menu and be accessed with one single click.

App-V support

Microsoft App-V support

We now also fully support applications that are deployed and used on the Microsoft App-V platform. LicenseWatch 2013 R1 can report what users/devices have access to what application and who are actually using the application. Read more...

Windows 8 and Windows 2012

Support for New Platforms

LicenseWatch 2013 R1 also fully supports the latest Microsoft platforms like Windows 8 and Windows 2012. Read more...

Baseline Import functionality

BaseLine Import

With the all new Generic Baseline Import functionality in LicenseWatch, customers can now use LicenseWatch to cleanse and rationalize inventory data from all sorts of sources. Read more...

Report Host/Virtual Instances

Report Host/Virtual Instances

In virtual environments it is important to know the relationship between hosts and virtual instances. Many licensing programs have restrictions with respect to software licensing and virtual machines. LicenseWatch 2013 R1 makes it easy to get a complete overview with the new reports available. The column chooser and easy export functionality is as always also available on these reports.

Migration Reports

Migration Reports

With an extension of the already rich LicenseWatch Software DNA, it is now also possible in LicenseWatch 2013 R1 to get migration reports. We can show Win 7 compatibility and End of Support of applications installed on your machines.

New Native Windows and MAC Agent

New Native Windows and MAC Agent

LicenseWatch Native Agent for Windows and MAC collects extended hardware information for improved determination of CPU manufacturer, Number of CPU's and CORE's.

27 May, 2013

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