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SKU numbers in Software DNA

LicenseWatch has started to incorporate stock keeping unit (SKU) data into their Software DNA. Having SKU data available greatly simplifies the reconciliation of license transactions to the inventory data available. This is another step in further automating the SAM process for customers, eliminating possible errors and delivering considerable cost and time savings.

With the LicenseWatch Software DNA customers already could exactly identify what software was found on their computers, laptops, servers and virtual environments all across their enterprise network. It helped them identify what software titles, versions and even language options were installed. The big challenge after proper identification is to tie licenses purchased to this inventory data. Usually the software description used in the license transactions on the invoice from the software vendor never exactly matches the software description from the inventory. Up to now, License Managers needed to manually match inventory software titles with the licensing software titles.

With the availability of SKU numbers in the Software DNA, this process will be completely automatic. On the licensing transactions invoice from the software vendor the software manufacturer’s SKU numbers are available, making it possible to automatically match the inventory and licensing data.

The LicenseWatch Software DNA database already contains licensing data on software titles so that based on the valid agreements that have also been registered, LicenseWatch can calculate product use rights including implementation of up- and downgrade rights, secondary use rights and more.

2 July, 2012

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